Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lure Of “On Sale” Items

We have all been there - Browsing through your favorite store and you see that big red tag:

Sometimes you see a huge sign right in front of the store inviting you to come in and “save”


Who wouldn’t want to save money and get some new music gear at the same time?

As luck would have it, that new gizmo you previously looked at with a bit of disdain looks a whole lot better now with the “20% Off Sticker” attached to it.  Isn’t it strange how a “soso”, “just ok”, “maybe yes” piece of gear now becomes more like a must have item?  And the only difference being the advertized sale price?

Well, let’s dispel some myths here...

First off, the word “savings” is a complete misnomer in the context of advertising.  The only way for you to “save money” is to not spend it.  Put your money in a piggy bank or open a savings account – that is saving.  When you go shopping, you may pay a lower price on a sale item, but you are definitely not saving.

Second, prices always change buying behavior, there’s simply no way around it. But instead of letting your impulses give in, ask yourself this:  Would you still buy the gadget if it wasn’t on sale?  If the answer is yes, then you might have a legitimate reason that the item is what you really need.

If the answer is no, go back home and practice your favorite solos, arpeggios or chord progression.  That will definitely save you some money.

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